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KEMBALI BUJANG: Khidmat Kaunseling

Perkhidmatan Kaunseling Untuk Wanita Yang Mengalami Krisis

Calvary Life Ministries counselling services are open to everyone, both Christians and non-Christians.
Face to face counselling for a broad spectrum of problems ranging from grief, trauma, terminal illness, sexual abuse, anger, divorce and stress.
Marital & family counseling occurs when the primary problem is a marital or family concern. Spouses or family members are encouraged to come together to work on the issues as it involves all parties. Common issues include poor communication, conflict management, infidelity, and parenting concerns.
E-mail counselling is a service that is open to those who cannot come to the counselling center. For details, email clm@clm.org.my

All Women's Action Society offers women free legal advice in the areas of family, labour and immigration law. It also gives assistance in other Civil and Syariah matters. Counselling is offered every Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 5.30pm (close on public holidays). 

Women's Aid Organisation offers telephone and face to face counselling to help women in crisis deal with their problems and to provide basic legal information.

Women's Centre For Change in Penang offers counselling and emotional support for women and children in crisis, legal advice in matters concerning the rights of women and children, and assists women and their children to seek medical, police and welfare assistance.

National Population And Family Development Board offers face to face, telephone and email counselling in the areas of family relationships, marital problems, reproductive health issues, HIV/ AIDS and drug abuse.

Befrienders offers 24hrs confidential telephone/email counselling service to the depressed, despairing and suicidal. For details, contact 03-79568144/5.

The following organisations offer general counselling services in Mandarin:

The Bridge Counselling Service
(Tel 03-92877251)

Chinese Association Counselling Centre
(Tel 03-22733960)

Wanita MCA National Counselling Bureau
(Tel 03-21618044 (ext. 266/269)

DAWN offers emotional support for those who are going through the pain and trauma of losing a loved one. Although it is a Catholic support group, it welcomes members from other religions. DAWN meets every first and third Saturday of the month from 3pm till 5pm. For further details/ enquiries, please email DAWN's chief coordinator, Joan Ng.

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