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Intern / Student For NGO Project

eHomemakers, a non-profit social enterprise in Malaysia is embarking on a project to empower NGOs to be more efficient and productive and a Borneo Sarawak rural mountain project to empower the social economic situation. We won several international awards with our end-to-end poverty alleviation solution. Recently, ECHO, our own cloud contact management system for non-profits won the ISIF 2012 Asia Award- Category: Common Good.

We need short-term data-entry interns for 2013 for the NGO project in the Klang Valley, and two long term interns (at least 4 months, prefer 6 - 12 months) for the rural project. Students can participate in them as class projects, community projects or internship for at least 4 weeks (to get a testimonial letter from eHomemakers). Or volunteer whatever time you have to help NGO to data-entry, or train women in basic computer and spoken English in Borneo.

Interested applicants must browse this guide before applying: eH-internguide.blogspot.com

A sought-after testimonial letter with recommendations for scholarship, employment and to higher learning institutions will be given to interns who complete the internship with dedication.

A. Scope of Intern/Student tasks for NGO Project

1. Empowering NGOs
  • Conduct assessment survey on NGO based on Information Assessment Form
  • Assist in data-mining (calling for verification, organizing, collating and preparing) NGOs contact information for insertion into ECHO
  • Assist in data-entry of NGO contact information onto csv format for upload to ECHO
  • Assist in capturing data for cost savings and carbon footprint report
  • Input these data into the prepared report for calculation & Summary Reporting
  • Assist Project Coordinators/Assistant in project related tasks
  • Assist to address NGO enquiries on ECHO throughout the whole project
2. Assist in producing multimedia materials about the NGOs’ social missions (tasks depend on skills and interest)
  • Testimonial videos (film and edit)
  • Take photos and photoshop the pictures
  • Write blogs
  • Promo videos with creative animation

Training of Interns

Confirmed applicants will be trained half a day to learn how to use Echo or watch an online video to learn and what will be expected for the data-mining and data-entry work. Interns must abide by code of etiquettes when working in NGOs premises.

Qualification of Interns (non-smoking, no visible piercing, no visible tatoos)
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
  • Computer Literate and keyboarding skills, (desirable) other computer skills like powerpoint, using google doc, making excel formula etc.
  • Speaks English, Malay and Chinese (would be advantageous).
  • Good people skills, enjoy working with all sorts of people.
  • Basic interviewing skills.
  • Optional but added advantge: video editing skills
  • Willingness to learn anything.
  • Office hour: Monday - Friday, 9pm - 6 pm.

Allowance (undergraduate and secondary school graduates)
  • Transport – reimburse receipts for group travel to NGOs. 2-3 pax/group
  • Local interns: RM20/day off site or with video editing skills
  • Foreign interns – offering accommodation in eH office as allowance

B. Scope of Intern/Student tasks for Rural Women’s Project
  1. In three villages
    • Assist in collecting information and conduct assessment surveys to develop a unique, innovative product for marketing .
    • Assist in training women - English for eco-tourism, first aid, and one-to-one training for reality tourism.
    • Assist in collecting ground information and training villagers on how to use mobile cash to form a network for a village micro-banking system.
    • Assist in capturing data for reporting.
    • Assist in training women in basic computer and spoken English for e-work.
    • Assist in any logistic preparation, transportation/installation as much as possible. Assist team in doing any thing needed so that the training and development activities go smoothly.
  2. Assist in producing profile videos on women - film and edit; blog about the project, take photos.
  3. (If possess the skills) assist in producing a documentary about the project, and training videos for villagers in local languages.

Training of Interns

Confirmed applicants will be trained and briefed for two weeks before going to the village. Students must read eH websites and watch online videos about eHomemakers before arriving.

Qualification of Interns (non-smoking, no visible piercing, social drinker only)
  • Excellent communication and teaching skills and willingness to do anything in the villages for the project.
  • High level of empathy to indigenous’ plight.
  • Computer literate, know Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Google doc.
  • Speaks English, Malay (would be advantageous).
  • High interest in innovative rural development, gender development using ICT and willingness to learn social cultural issues in a holistic context.
  • Display high level of respect for elders and local cultural customs, willingness to participate in local customs, discretion in confidential matters. Non-confrontational and non-violence aptitude.
  • Can eat most foods, appreciate jungle vegetables/products. Know how to clean up after oneself, tidy room and office, do own laundry.
  • Can stay in basic accommodation (with running water, clean mattress and bed), adaptable to the lack of electricity and city comfort in the village.

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