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May - Project WHEE - True Calling
Apr  - Project WHEE on Astro Vinmeen HD's English talk show
Apr  - Project WHEE - Planting Seeds of English
Apr  - Project WHEE - The Dos and Don’ts

Dec  - Rhonwyn Hagedorn, founder of Project WHEE in the news
Nov  - Rhonwyn Hagedorn as one of the TEDxYouth speakers: R.AGEThe Star
Apr  - Jenny Pong on the go despite amputated legs
          The Hiruscar Beautiful campaign
Mar  - Youths take on a project to empower the women of Bario, Sarawak

Nov  - eHomemakers' founder's journey for 16 years in the book 'Malaysian Innovators'
          eHomemakers ED was chosen as the APRICOT 2014 Ambassador:
          APRICOT 2014: Interview 1, APRICOT 2014: Interview 2

Jan  -
News About Eco-Baskets
Nov - eHomemakers 'ECHO' Application Won ISIF Award (Pic)

Feb  -
The Birth of eHomemakers
Mar  - Notes from Malaysia: A Walk in the Park
       - A Volunteer in Malaysia
       - eHomemakers Network - ICT For Development Network
       - Q&A With Chong Sheau Ching
       - The Advocacy Project Partners with eHomemakers
June - In Conversation
July  - Visiting Jenny Pong Siew Chin
       - The Krishen Jit ASTRO Fund 2011 (Chong Sheau Ching, winner of 2010 award grant)
Aug  - Tech: It's All in the Text
Oct  - Housewives Can Contribute More to the Economy
Nov  - Alcatel-Lucent Foundation Supports Malaysia's eHomemakers
       - Thirty to Benefit from eHomemakers Programme

Jan   - 
Storyteller at Home, Interview with Chong Sheau Ching
Feb  -  eHomemakers Joined 12 organizations Signed For Mutual Cyber-collaboration
Mar  - Technology Helps Asian Women Balance Family And Work - Research
       - Leading The Way From Home    
July  - Work-Life Balance: The Way Forward
Sept - eHomemakers.net
Nov  - eHomemakers Founder, Chong Sheau Ching Featured in ‘Women On Top’ 
Dec  - A Passion, Vision For M'sia Theatre

Jan  - A Whole New Ball Game 
SOHO 2009: Balance Your Life With Teleworking
      - Diberhentikan Kerja Bukan Penghujung Kehidupan
Mar  - Crash Course Gives Disabled Group A Head Start
May - Penghargaan Untuk Ibu Istimewa
July - Working From Home Will Benefit The Nation
Aug - Freedom To Choose Through ICT
      - Women Are Tough Cookies!
Dec - eHomemakers' IT Training For Disabled Project In GDN Factsheet

May  -
Working From Home Community Revealed
Aug  - "Homeprenuer" Promotes & Models Having It All
       - Melissa Muscio and eHomemakers
Oct  - eHomemakers Wins MSC Malaysia-Ericsson CR Innovation Award
       - Kampong Ku Radio Interview

Jan  - eHomemakers Brings Gender Pespective Into Policy Dialogue on Digital Divide 
April - 22 Single Mums Complete Computer Crash Course At Community Centre
June - eHomemakers' Role In Fighting Urban Poverty Acknowledged
The 'Rural Romance' Lives in the ICT Age
       - eHomemakers Appointed Master Resellers of PIING
Aug  - eHomemakers Founder Advocates Use of ICT Tools
Sept - eHomemakers Network - Malaysia
       - Undervalued Small, Home-Based Business Comes Into The Spotlight
       - Closing the Gap
       - Nothing But A Scam?
       - Running A Social Enterprise Not For Quitters
Oct  - Una ONG Consigue En Malasia Que Miles De Madres Soleteras Sin Recursos Se Conviertan En
       - Una ONG de Malasia Convierte A Madres Sin Recursos En Pioneras De La Tecnologia
       - Sacrilegious Behaviour
       - Housewives and Technology
Dec  - The Key to Success

Jan  - Helping Malaysian Homemakers: Mothers on a Mission: eHomemakers Malaysia
Feb  - e-Bario Programme: Improving Incomes for the Local Communities
Mar  - Rethinking The Digital Divide
       - Asia Community Affairs Grantee Meeting
- Microsoft UP Grant for eHomemakers
April - Limited Resources, Unlimited Potential
       - Selling in Cyberspace 
       - Regional Research Aimed at Enhancing Lives of Homeworkers by Bridging the Digital Divide
       - 'Homeworkers' Concept Must Be Studied
       - Konsep Bekerja dari Rumah DiKaji
       - Understand The Definition Of Home Workers
       - Contributions of Homeworkers Significant
       - Empowering Asian Single Mothers
       - Empowering Homemakers to Become Homepreneurs: eHomemakers Malaysia
       - Mothers Working From Home
May - Regional Research Aimed at Enhancing Lives of Homeworkers by Bridging the Digital Divide (Chinese)
       - 18 North American Students Intern With Civil Society In 14 Countries
       - Mothers With Chronic Illnesses Show True Courage
June - Chong Sheau Ching: Advocating for Change
       - Empowering Women 
A New Vision for eHomemakers in 2006
       - Africa-Asia Workshop
Sept -
Unsexy and Voiceless!!!
       - Disabled? Single Mom? Telecommute. Even in Malaysia
       - Technology Helps Disadvantaged Malaysian Women to Fight Discrimination And Work From Home

Feb  - SIT Grad Leads Malaysian Women "Homepreneur' Movement
Mar  - Teleworking Mom's Unite!
April - eHomemakers Network - Malaysia
June - Wheel Power - A Good View At The Movies For The Disabled
Aug  - Chong Sheau Ching and Daughter, Rhonwyn
Oct  - When Authors Share
Sept - Mobile Help-Line for Women Tops Gender and ICT Awards 2005
Nov  - eHomemakers Wins GICT Award
       - Gender Equity In ICTs For South-East Asia

April -
Contest for Best Mothers
       - Studying The Role Of ICT And Gender In Teleworking
May - Teleworking Mothers Get An Extension
       - Paying Tributes to Successful Moms Working from Home
       - Majlis Dialog "Home Office"
       - Mothers for Mothers (Penita)
       - Five Teleworking Mothers Honoured As Best In Contest
Aug  - Home Is Where Work Is...
       - A Successful Home-Based Mom And Entrepenuer
Sept - Will The Home Office Take Off?
       - Empowering Women
       - Business Will Soon Be Where Home Is 
Sisters Stepping Out of Traditional Role in the Kitchen
Nov  - Homeworkers and ICTs in South-East Asia

Jan -
Chong Sheau Ching on a Page of MPH Quill Magazine
      - Helping Women Gain Dignity with Social-Economic Empowerment
      - eHomemakers: Helping Mothers Work from Home
Mar - 'Green' Moms To Be Honoured
Green Moms To Be Feted
Aug - Green Moms Unite!
Nov - Women Lead The Way
Dec - Award: Breaking the Mindset Barrier
      - Local Writer Wins ICT Award
      - Report on the World Summit on the Information Society

Jan  -
Council Proposed to Help Single Mothers
Mar  - Africa-Asia Workshop
May - A Mother’s Love
       - Malaysia: Self Help For Dilemmas Of Women Professionals
Oct  - Working from Home
       - Home Sweet Work?
Enormous Benefits of the Home-office
       - Working Together as a Team, Virtually
       - Interview with Chong Sheau Ching, ehomemakers.net (Malaysia)
       - New Profile of the Homeworker
Nov  - Mothers@Work

Mar - Everyday Is Mother's Day
      - Stories for My Mother
Aug - So, You Want to Work from Home?
Oct - Letting Readers Decide the Conclusion
      - The Joy of Working at Home
      - Office at Home
Nov - Mothers for Mothers (BBC)
      - Wired Mothers Do IT For Themselves

Jan -
Mothers for Mothers (Bonda Magazine)
      - Working at Home
Oct - Homeworkers in Print
      - About the Author, Chong Sheau Ching

July -
Sacrifice or Achievement?

May -
Chong Sheau Ching


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