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Members Corner

It will only take you a minute but it'll mean a whole lot to us in terms of saving time and money. To change your registration details, especially your e-mail or postal address, click on Edit profile on the top left-hand corner of this page. We receive an alarming number of bounced e-mails and returned envelopes every time we send out our monthly e-newsletters and quarterly issues of Home + Work so, PLEASE, we need your cooperation!

We send out monthly e-newsletters and special announcements to members who choose the “I would like to receive eHomemakers.net's special offers and e-newsletter” option when they register online.

However, we have been made aware that some of our e-newsletter subscribers are not receiving their monthly updates of our ground and cyber activities as well as offers of flexi and home-based jobs.

We advise you to check whether the anti-spam software provided by your Internet service provider (Jaring, TMnet, etc) has tagged our e-newsletter as Spam e-mail. In such cases, it is highly likely that our e-newsletters are delivered into your Spam e-mail folder. Most service providers have a guide to configure the client software that filters out Spam e-mails. Please consult this guide or contact the Customer Service Centre to do the necessary.

Alternatively, you could add on our e-mail address, registration@ehomemakers.net, to your e-mail Address Book so that the e-newsletter does not go into your Spam folder.

For web-based e-mail like Yahoo and Hotmail, you have the option to move the e-newsletter to your Inbox by marking the message as “Not Spam” or “Not Junk” (see the top menu bar in your Bulk or Junk folder).

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eHomemakers joined 12 organizations to sign MOU for mutual cyber-collaboration on 5th February 2010 at Hotel Equatorial, Kuala Lumpur. The Women Community Network Portal will list all twelve organizations' existing programs and those that are extended to other organization. Look forward to eHomemakers members being able to post your ads to a cross-section of buyers and telework employers.

We are pleased to announce that we have just joined the Google Adsense programme! Please note that some of the ads displayed may involve multi-level and ‘downline’ marketing schemes and get-rich-quick promotions. We advise you to exercise extreme caution, especially when an ad sounds too good to be true and promises quick returns with minimum effort. Please do some research on the Net, read eHomemakers’ articles on scams and post your thoughts on our Forum Board.

Our web policies clearly state that advertisements are NOT allowed on the Forum Board. The moderator of the Board constantly monitors and deletes these advertisements. However, we have received feedback from our members that they receive Private Messages through the Forum Board that often promote get-rich-quick schemes and MLM opportunities. On our part, we can only caution our members to be extremely careful when dealing with these unscrupulous operators.

We actively promote working from home to balance family and work life. Please drop in often to update yourself on issues such as flexi job opportunities, advertising your homebiz and joining E-netWork @ Home to connect with a global alliance of ethical business enterprises.

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