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Flexi Jobs

ADVERTISE: Freelance/ Part-Time/ Temporary Vacancies

Are you looking for teleworking/ freelancing jobs through the eHomemakers network? Please fill up this form and we will contact you!

Applicants (18- 25 years old) for Project WHEE!, a Dana Belia-supported youth project for Bario, Sarawak. Youths will teach English and do some community service in the mountainous village. Apply at Facebook page.

Work@Home (Form)

Data Entry/ e-Work @ Home Project

More NGOs to join an eco-system of non-profits to support each other through the use of ECHO.

Local and Foreign Interns: Annual Internship Program, Intern Student For NGO Project


Full-time position in eH office in TTDI (9am - 6pm)

  • At least 10 years’ proven track record in managing a small office, able to multitask and supervise an admin team
  • Proficient in using email and online tools to work
  • Must stay near TTDI, KL
  • Past experience working with non-profit and foreigners
Job description:

Two-thirds of work load
  • Responsible for all repairs, logistics and cleanliness/tidiness, hardware/software replacement/purchase, office assets inventory of admin office and intern housing
  • Team work with ED to manage intern housing, work station and all affairs regarding foreign and local intern placements
  • Responsible for volunteer recruitment and placement in various programs especially ecobasket exhibition sales
  • Manage fundraising activities ( online and offline) for several poor women
  • Administer all eH fundraising sponsorships and events
  • Coordinate ( with TV documentary team) fundraising events such as screening of TV documentaries in cinemas or at conferences.
  • Administer eH.net’s advertisement queries/payment/e-news announcement
  • Compile monthly calendar of events for e-news and data-contacts for office operation, organize bi-monthly LML Club meetings
  • Use eH’s award winning mobile application to coordinate events and volunteers
One-third of work load
  • Supervise the ecobasket production and part-time admin team’s operation including trouble shooting (eg, adherence to SOPs, trainings needed)
  • Ensure successful monthly sales by marketing partners and CSR partners with a quarterly plan
  • Ensure sales come in to sustain weavers and operational expenses
  • Conduct email marketing and face-to-face in office, occasional meetings outside of office
Part-time Book-Keeper
  • A committed part-time book-keeper with knowledge of UBS computerised accounting software together with Stock Inventory.
  • To liaise with Auditors, Company Secretary and Tax Agent.
  • Able to meet deadlines (14) May 8 - May 24

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