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Articles Related To Socio-Economic Development In Malaysia And Around The World

This section consists of articles relating to socio-economic development in Malaysia and around the world, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

Number Of Single Mums Growing At Alarming Rate
Single Mums Get Top Priority
What Kinds Of Social Support Are Effective? The Case Of A Working Mother During Pregnancy
Challenges Faced By Single Mothers: Supporting Policies
An Overview Of Single Mothers And Female-Headed Households
Women Employees Can Expect Maternity Leave Extension Soon, Says Shahrizat
UNDP Resident Representative's Speech On Improved Maternity Benefits
RM100 A Month Childcare Centres
Few Firms Set Up Workplace Care Centres

Mothers' Groups in Malaysia
eHomemakers (Penang Division)
Mothers of Malacca
Ummiku Sayang
Online Support Group For Stay-At-Home Parents
Green Beings - A Recycling Project
Online Grief Support Group
Online Breast Feeding Support Group
eHomemakers Quilting Group

Gender Mainstreaming
Man, It’s Tough Going For Women
Abdullah: Gender Discriminatory Regulations To Be Re-studied
Women Power At The Helm Of Consumer Spending
Where Are Our Female Corporate Leaders?
Not Many Women In Decision-Making Positions, Says Shahrizat
Breaking Barriers
The Case For Working Women
The Progress Of Malaysian Women Since Independence
Gender Budgeting in Malaysia
Measuring and Monitoring Gender Equality
Weeding out indifference
Women talk a lot more than men
Love means being equal
Family CEO
House-Husbands On The Rise
Legal Rights Of Women
Gender And Power
Female Grads Staying Home
Shahrizat: Equal rights yet to become a reality
PM: Laws will be amended to ensure equality for women
Women Now Put Career First
Life Dictated By Society
Success Is Having children

ICT4D - Information and Communications Technology for Socio-Economic Development
The Can Do Attitude: The Women of Digital Enterprises
Empowering Youth To Change The World With ICT And Entrepreneurship
Socio-economic Standing Declines
A Brief Review Of The Early History Of Nonprofits And The Internet
The Internet For Women
Understanding ICT4D Thematics in Malaysia
The Next Phase of Applying ICT for International Development
Link to organisations dealing with socio-economic development

Blogs From Our Affiliates
Read Michael J. Rosenkrantz's blog. As the Fundraising Advisor/Organizational Capacity Builder of National Trust, New Delhi, India (09- 2011), he is involved in training and empowering local non-profits.

Read Nalaka Gunawardene's blog. The Chief Executive Officer of Television for Education – Asia Pacific, trading as TVE Asia Pacific (TVEAP) who dabble in some freelance writing, TV hosting, media research and conference speaking, both in his native Sri Lanka and elsewhere in Asia.

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